Random Corona brain dumps

This is a collection of random additional thoughts regarding the virus outbreak and things that it triggers, affects or otherwise is related to. I will continue to update this.

These are bad times for burglars. Everybody is constantly at home.

This is the first time you’d rather have a kid that plays Fortnite all day than goes out to play with her friends.

Imagine quarantine without internet, Amazon / online sales, electricity, water.

Dating game – completely changed. You either get to know someone over the phone or you do not get to know someone.

Corona will finally lead people away from cash and towards mobile or at least card payments.

There is no way our healthcare system is not going to be completely overwhelmed by this, based on a study by Imperial College for the UK but the outcome could be similar in Germany – the red line might be higher but still:

If you had a 1% chance of winning the lottery you would play every time.

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