This is Sri Lanka.

As my journey through Sri Lanka will be coming to an end in the next 10 days, I thought adding a few memory fragments might be a good idea. This is clearly a work in progress. Also I realize, the title is completely presumptuous – Sri Lanka is of course much more than the list below.

  • Hearing Beethoven’s „Für Elise“ in the cheap keyboard version on every mobile Tuk Tuk bakery
  • Having a 10-ton truck drive directly at you on your side of the road
  • Scorpions walking through a restaurant
  • Being asked „where are you from?“ as a complete non-sequitur
  • Eating and drinking the best papaya in the world
  • Honking (1-honk, hi, 2-honks, overtake/hi to a good friend, mini-honk: hot girl)
  • Getting epic mid-day ocean sunset-like lighting without even trying
  • Being unable to decide which of the 6 side-dishes to add next to your curry
  • Papadam > chips
  • Train rides at 15mph with open doors and windows
  • Tuna steak at Zephyr, Mirissa
  • Tuk tuks with weird misspelled phrases on them
  • Setting the AC to 24 Celsius and feeling cold
  • Monsoon-like rain
  • LED-lightshow enabled temples
  • Insane bus drivers and their counterpart ticket sellers who are standing at bus doors at 80km/h
  • Buses with 30% of the luggage space reserved for audio speakers blaring local tunes
  • Rice & Curry^e
  • Smiling faces everywhere
  • Free roaming cows blocking heavy traffic streets
  • Dogs joining you on a beach stroll
  • Surfing next to turtles
  • Monkey families passing by in the trees above
  • tbc

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