my ayurvedic constitutionOn the left, you can see my „constitution“ using the ayurvedic dhanas. I am mostly Pitta (Fire and Water), followed by Kapha (Earth and Water) and Vata (Wind, Air, Ether). All overindex right now.

During my initial consultation I was asked to name current or ongoing physical and psychic problems. It’s a great time to realize what a wreck you are. (yeah yeah, no surprises for you on the psychological front, hm? 😉 ) I listed my current lower back pain, induced from a snowboard accident (a friend hit me in the back trying to spray snow at me), my torn ankle ligament on the left foot, the shin wound (reef) and then I remembered the tinnitus I have been having for the last 20 years. Which is not really an issue, but I thought I’d throw everything at the guy and see what he does with it. 🙂

The location

The place is literally in the middle of nowhere, near the Bentota river, about 15km away from the beach. I took a Tuk-Tuk and Google Maps to get here. When we eventually hit a dirt road I thought we must be wrong. It ended up being the final stretch to the resort.

The place is pretty cool, and aptly named „Mangrove Escapes“. We are surrounded by jungle and have all kinds of animals show up such as apes, lizards and birds. This morning at breakfast an entire ape family made their way across the trees.

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This seems a good place to spend a few days and relax. Food is great – very healthy, vegetarian and tasty. No meat, no alcohol for 8 days. I am afraid to say it has been some time since that many days passed without me consuming any of those.


View from the valley during a late afternoon stroll

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